The Turned Birdsong Birdhouse - Mini

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The turned birdsong (Mini)Birdhouse urn is a cremation scattering urn and a true living memorial


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Birdhouse Memorial Urns are the natural choice for many. They are an environmentally friendly way to go back to the earth and continue the cycle of life. As birds come and go with the seasons to build their nest and raise their young, the cycle of life continues. These birdhouse urn memorials not only provide shelter to our winged friends, but also give comfort to the survivors when they come to these places of rest.

These handmade mango wood birdhouse urns are designed so that they can be displayed, and then once the scattering of ashes is complete the urn converts into a memorial birdhouse. A place where "Life Goes on...."

The Mango tree bears fruit for 10-15 years and is then harvested to make room for the next sustainable grove. We use this recycled wood to produce our Birdsong Urns. The wood is kiln dried with heat generated by burning the wood shavings from the lathe work. Artisans hand turn the logs on a lathe to form the "turned Birdsong" urns.  The dense tropical wood is ideal as a long lasting earth friendly home for our wide variety of our feathered friends.

Turned Birdsong (Mini)
Small Adult - Child or Pet
Hand Turned in Classic Style
6" x 10". 150 cubic inches




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