Release Scattering Urn Rental

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Catalog Number: RLSURN03

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Release scattering urns will gracefully launch ashes into a beautiful airborne display for the ultimate ash scattering ceremony.


Please call 877-365-9474 or email us .


We have made it as easy as possible to use the Release Scattering Urn. Once you place your order you may mail all the ashes to Cremation Solutions.  We recommend shipping via USPS (Registered US Mail). This is the safest of all shipping methods. Once we receive the ashes we are very careful and have a tracking system in place, so you can be assured that there in never any chance of ashes being intermingled. We prepare the ashes and load the machine for you. The machine will be ready for scattering when you receive it. A heavy duty carrying case is included so you can safely transport the scattering urn to the scattering location.

When you're finished, simply ship the Release Scattering Urn back to Cremation Solutions. The rental fee allows you to use the urn for two weeks. You may also purchase the Release Urn. For a more formal scattering ceremony you may wish to rent the Elevated Scattering Platform.

  • Easy to use, rent for two weeks or purchase  

  • Create a powerful memorable final tribute

  • Clean controlled scattering


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