Natural River Rock Cremation Memorial - 4 Sizes Available

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Catalog Number: MNT001

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Natural stone cremation monument

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Our natural river rocks come from Squaw Valley waters where rocks have been gradually rounded and smoothed by flowing river waters. Natural river rock cremation memorials are typically granite, an igneous rock initially formed beneath the earth's crust when magma cools and crystallizes. Granite river rocks exhibit attractive banding or specking (from greens, grays and whites to violet or russet colors) as feldspar and quartz grains blend during the making of granite.

Small rocks can have up to 14 characters engraved on them. Medium rocks can have two lines of engraving (28 characters); large rocks can have three lines (42 characters) and extra large are allowed four lines (56 characters).

Font choices include New Times Roman, Times Roman, Arial, Korinna Bold, Goudy, Park Avenue, Old English, New Text Regular, Script and Helvetica Medium. You can also choose to inscribe your river rock memorial in freehand style. 

Layout and Design for your pre-approval.

Estimated Delivery Time is 3 Weeks and will depend on the complexity of the engraving.

Available in choice of sizes:
X-Large: 13" plus
Large: 10" - 12"
Medium: 7" - 9"
Small: 4" - 6"

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