Eternal Reefs Cremation Memorials

Eternal Reefs Cremation Memorials

Eternal Reefs are permanent living legacies that memorialize those who choose cremation and are looking for a more natural way to have a memorial that includes the ashes. For families and individuals that choose cremation, Eternal Reefs offers a new memorial choice that replaces cremation urns and ash scattering with a permanent environmental living legacy. The reefs are a specially designed habitat that will encourage the formation of new sea life. Ashes are combined with concrete in the creation of these new homes in the sea.

Families and friends are invited and encouraged to participate in the creation of their loved ones memorial reef. From placing your hand print in the damp concrete during the casting, making a rubbing of the bronze plaque during the viewing ceremony, or placing a flag on your loved ones memorial reef during a military honors ceremony, all Eternal Reefs' activities provide peace of mind for everyone involved.


photoframe_(29).jpgCremation Solutions is proud to be a partner with the Eternal Reefs organization. We are always looking for new ways to memorialize a loved one naturally. If having a memorial that not only protects the environment but actually creates new life, then Eternal Reefs may be your answer. The thoughtful support given throughout the creation of these reefs, to the day of their placement at sea is why so many families come together to share in this heart warming experience.

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