Natural Living Memorials for Ashes

"Green" Living Cremation Ashes Memorials are the natural way to remember. Cremation Solutions has put together this collection of living cremation memorials to remind us of a sense of freedom and oneness with nature that many of us yearn for in life. Living Cremation Ashes Memorials provide us with tranquil moments in time that help us reflect on the lives of our loved ones for generations to come. A Living Ashes Memorial will create new life by providing habitat for plants and animals. They are a more natural way for ashes to go back into the earth and continue the cycle of life.

Now with the green movement, more than ever, survivors are turning to a more natural way to celebrate a life and to connect with life and each other. Green Living Ashes Memorials, such as trees and habitat not only mark a life lived, they also create a space of comfort and healing. In fact, recent studies have shown that patients in hospital rooms with a view of trees, heal faster. Living memorials help us to experience our natural heritage and connect with our deeply held spiritual and cultural values.

  • A  living memorial for ashes that will give survivors a necessary place to visit, remember and heal for years to come
  • True living ashes memorial will breed new life and continue natures natural cycle
  • Living memorials are eco friendly and a green way to commemorate your loved one  
  • Living memorials support the ashes and wildlife instead of taking up space with granite markers
  • A living ashes memorial is a place to come where spirits will soar and memories will fly and swim
  • A place where life goes on!
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