How to Scan and email your Photo to Us

How to Scan and email your Photo to Us

Of course we'll take what you have, but if you have any ability to control what you submit for printing, we ask that you take into consideration the following image requirements and suggestions. These suggestions could significantly improve the quality of your family's Memorial Portrait.

Images From a Digital Camera

When The Original File is Available

The raw file as it comes out of the digital camera is always best . It may be a low-resolution file, but we can increase the resolution and size it using some of our digital tools. Most digital cameras store their images in the JPEG format. This is an acceptable format for us to print from and beats the final results of an inkjet print every time.

If you open the file in a photo editor and make changes to the image, we recommend that you save the image again in JPEG format and use the HIGHEST quality compression level that's usually Level 11 or 12. This will produce the best results from a digital camera and still travel well in e-mail. If you open the file in a photo editor and do not make changes don't save it again. Every time you save a JPEG image, a little quality is lost.

When The Original file is Not Available or You Have Edited It

If the raw file from the camera is not available, that's okay too. Send us what you have. If you have edited the photo, please save the image again in JPEG format and use the HIGHEST quality compression level usually Level 11 or 12. We also ask that you let us size the image and set the resolution. We use industry-leading image editing tools and they produce the best results available today. When editing the photo, we ask that you leave the whole photo intact. Don't cut things out or crop the image we sometimes use information from other areas of the photo to improve the image or fix flaws that you and the family have requested. The information that you don't intend to be in the Memorial Portrait sometimes can be very valuable in creating the best reproduction for your family.

Images From a Scanner

Now this is where the time taken to scan an image correctly can make a big difference in the quality of your finished Memorial Portrait. Here are few suggestions that will help you prepare the best image possible for your family:

Sizing Your Scan

First things first! Before you put the photograph on the scanner bed, measure the vertical (up and down direction) portion of the image that you intend to be reproduced. Then take that measurement in inches and divide it into the vertical height of the Memorial Portrait that you are ordering (remember to take into account for the proper dimension if you are ordering a horizontal portrait). For example you want to include approximately two inches of image vertically in the Portrait and you are ordering a 5 by 7 oval Memorial Portrait (Our #0) in the standard vertical orientation. Let's do the math 7 inches tall portrait divided by approximately 2 inches of vertical subject to be included = 3.5, then multiply the result by 100 (3.5 x 100) your answer is 350 or 350% scanning size. Now when you set the image on your scanner and after you have taken the preview scan, you should set you scanner to scan the entire photograph at 350% of the photo's original size. Your scanner is now doing the sizing for you and will provide the absolute best image quality when sizing is concerned.

Other Very Important Points:

  Always start with a clean and dry scanner bed.

  Scan the image at 300 dots per inch (dpi) - Not 72 dpi!

  Please scan the entire photo even though you know we won't use the entire image.

Saving Your Scan

At this point in time, we only have the ability to receive your scans in e-mail so that means that you will save your scan as a JPEG file type. This type of file travels real well on the Internet and reduces the file size so it is easier for you to send your image using your e-mail connection. Remember to choose the HIGHEST quality level typically 11 or 12.

The SAVE steps are as follows:

  1. Within your scanning program, chose "Save As" and the saving location of your choice.

    Name the file with the family name corresponding to your order such as jones or jones1674 where 1674 is the file or customer number that you typically include on our order forms.

  2. Choose JPEG file type

  3. Choose Quality level 11 or 12

  4. Choose SAVE

  5. Sending Your Order to Cremation Solutions

    Attach your image to an e-mail note.

    For users with the Full Version of Adobe Acrobat:

    If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, save your order form file using the same family name technique noted above. Then reopen it to confirm you've saved the data and attach the order form to the same e-mail as the image.

    Send your orders to:

    In the body of your e-mail note please include your name and daytime phone number where you can be reached. Just in case we have questions. Do not include any special instructions in the body of the note.

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