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Funeral Flowers are the most popular way to express your sympathy when someone has died. When people give flowers for a funeral they are giving an expression of love, respect and sympathy. Funeral flowers are just a symbol fo these feelings, and doing something for survivors will leave you with the satisfaction that comes along with helping others. Funeral flowers create a feeling of warmth at the funeral or memorial gathering. If you have been to funeral where there were no flowers, it almost feels like something is missing. Funeral flowers help make the occasion special, because they are special. Life is precious and end of life celebrations come but once in a lifetime. A life well lived is worth remembering at a special event. The event does not have to be a formal funeral, it might just be a gathering of family and friends. Nonetheless having flowers present will make any end of life celebration that much more special.

Flowers for funerals enhance the funeral event. The practice of giving flowers for a funeral goes way back in history. Placing flowers around those who have died is mankind’s oldest tribute. One of the earliest discoveries of funeral flowers was documented by Dr. Ralph Solecki when he excavated the Shandiar Cave in Northern Iraq. In 1951 Solecki discovered several burial sites. This discovery eventually led to being placed in the Gluiness Book of World records as the worlds oldest form of human ritual. Soil samples at the burial site led to proof of funeral flowers were indeed placed on this now famous site. People had roamed the hillsides collecting wild flowers and placed them on graves 62,000 years ago. These were the first flowers for a funeral. To say giving flowers for a funeral is traditional would be a severe understatement! Some scientist believe that the first flowers for funeral served a dual purpose. First as an ornament and expression of love and also to mask the smell of decomposition.

Today's funeral flowers are used at the funeral for a number of reasons. It is hard to put sympathetic feelings into words and funeral flowers can say it for you. No words need be spoken. When you give flowers for a funeral the meaning is understood. They are a way to share the burden of grief and loss. Funeral flowers are also a symbol for community support for a life well lived. A Harvard study revealed that giving funeral flowers for a funeral feed compassion and chase away anxiety and worries. The research group lived with fresh flowers for a few days and reported their feelings of compassion and kindness towards others had increased. The study reflected that funeral flowers can have a profound effect on emotions and that humans have an innate attraction to flowers that we are only beginning to understand.

Funeral flowers create a backdrop of warmth and beauty. This adds dignity to the funeral and a feeling of community for those who attend the funeral.  The funeral flowers also lend signals of reality. The reality that we have come together to grieve. That reality that someone we love is now gone and now is a time to cherish the relationship we had with them in life. The funeral flowers themself are symbolic of life and death. Funeral flowers have a short life are it is known that they will not last forever. Funeral flowers are sometimes offered a second life, when survivors dry them and press them to be saved and passed down for generations. Dried funeral flowers are often placed inside cremation jewelry instead of ashes. The jewelry becomes symbolic of the life to be remembered.

Funeral flowers should not be omitted just because survivors have suggested a charity in memory of the deceased. The term in lieu of funeral flowers should not be used just because a family has picked a charity or organization to make memorial donations to in the name of the deceased. Many funeral directors will automatically use the term in lieu of funeral flowers. Don’t let them, most people that want to give funeral flowers will also donate to the cause.

In a recent national survey on giving flowers for a funeral, sixty percent said funeral flowers make me feel good and 69 percent said funeral flowers gave them a warm feeling. 77 percent said seeing flowers at a funeral helped brighten up the often sad event. For many looking at the flowers and reading the cards is a important ritual and creates conversation at the funeral.

Most people (93% will send funeral flowers immediately when notified of a death. 4.9% send them after the funeral service and 1.2% send them in the weeks after the funeral service.

Often when people are selecting flowers for a funeral, the design of the funeral flowers is mixture of the taste of the person making the purchase and the taste and style of the deceased. People will select a funeral flower arrangement that reminds them in someway of the life of the deceased. Also if people know the deceased had a favorite flower, they will often select funeral flowers made up mostly of the favorite flowers. 



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