Cremation Urn Styles

Cremation Urn Styles

Cremation Solutions offer a large selection of cremation urns for you to choose from. Selecting a cremation urn is a very personal task. Many urns are selected for our loved ones simply because the style of the urn somehow reminds us of the individual's lifestyle and personality. Because people are so different we offer a large selection of cremation urns, so that you can choose the urn that suits your needs best. We suggest you first decide what size the urn needs to be for its use. The sizes of the urns that we offer are listed below. They are made from a wide variety of materials; a certain material may appeal to you more than another. We suggest you decide first what material you like and then narrow your search down to a particular style. Remember if scattering is to be the final disposition of the ashes, you should be looking at scattering urns or biodegradable urns.

Individual Cremation Urns

The most common size of urn is the individual urn. This size will hold the ashes of one adult. The cremation industry has a standard volume size for an individual cremation urn, and that size will hold 200 cubic inches. Unless otherwise noted in the description, all of our individual cremation urns are 200 cubic inches in volume capacity. Our individual cremation urns come in many materials and styles.

Companion Cremation Urns

The companion cremation urn is specially sized to hold the ashes of two individuals. Some of them have one chamber and some have two separate chambers within the cremation urn. Either way, there is adequate space for the ashes of two people. Companion cremation urns come in many materials and sizes.

Cremation Urns for a Child

This cremation urn is specially sized and styled with children and infants in mind. The style of these urns are suitable for children by way of artistic design, color and shape.

Keepsake Cremation Urns

These urns range in size but hold a considerably smaller amount of ashes then an individual sized urn. They are often used in addition to an individual urn and almost always should be used when using a scattering type urn. When ashes are scattered, retaining a portion of the ashes is always recommended. Keepsake urns are ideal for this use. When several family members each want to share a portion of the ashes, keepsake urns are also used. Because here at Cremation Solutions we have a special focus on the disposition of scattering ashes, we have a large selection of keepsake urns in many different styles and materials.

Cremation Urn Jewelry

Urn jewelry has become very popular in recent years. Wearing jewelry is very comforting to survivors; jewelry can help to keep memories close to the heart and helps to keep us feeling connected, as a part of our loved one is always with us. Cremation urn jewelry is the smallest of cremation urns, holding only a pinch of ashes or a lock of hair or dried flowers petals from the funeral. We have cremation urn jewelry in silver, gold, gold vermeil, pewter, brass, wood, and glass. All of our pendants will hold a small portion of ashes.

Scattering Urns

This is a specialized type of urn for families who have elected to scatter the ashes of their loved one. Scattering urns come in many styles and the location and technique of scattering will often determine the type of scattering urn desired. For example, if you know you will eventually be scattering in a body of water, then you would be likely to select a biodegradable type of scattering urn. If you will be scattering in the garden, a birdhouse urn can serve as both a scattering urn, and as a monument in the garden location. Because scattering is irreversible, it is suggested that some of the ashes be kept using a cremation keepsake urn. Like the birdhouse urns, many scattering urns have a secondary use following the scattering. For example, one might later become a memory box to hold photos and other memorial objects to cherish; another might later become a vase for dried flowers or a decoration with special meaning.

Cremation Urn Sculptures

Much more than just a cremation urn, a cremation urn sculpture is a true piece of art. Many people like the sculpture urns because they don't look like an urn at all. Sculpture urns come in many styles and can be sized to hold all or just a portion of an individuals ashes. Our line of memory glass are custom sculptures in glass in which the ashes are mixed in with the glass by the artist while still in its liquid form. The ashes remain visible in the glass, creating unique swirling forms in colors of your choice.

Cremation Urns for Veterans

We know how proud we are as Americans of members of our family who have served in the armed forces. We have this special selection of urns that are an appropriate tribute to those who have kept our freedom. Many of these urns have the official seals of each branch of military service and can be further personalized with an inscription or brass name plate. Ask about our special discounts for those killed in the line of duty.

Cremation Urn Monuments

These are permanent memorials that have a designated space to hold one or more urns inside the monument itself. As our society has become more mobile these monuments are good because they allow us to easily move the cremated remains without obtaining special cemetery permits. They are often used on family property where they also need no special permits. These monuments are made of granite, faux stone in natural shapes, or even in the forms of benches and planters. A cremation monument is built to last for many generations and some can be installed without a permanent foundation.

Cremation Urns for Pets

Pets are like family and here at Cremation Solutions we want to serve your entire family with equal respect. We have a large selection of pet urns as well as cremation jewelry and monuments that are specifically designed with your pets in mind. Pet urns can be engraved or personalized by breed to suit your special need, and allow us to remember our pets with the same unconditional love our pets have given us all over the years.

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