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Funeral and Cremation Service Planning Made Simple

Even though no one likes to think about the possibility of death, you still want to ensure you take the time to plan for it. Many families today don't feel open with discussing the mortality of a loved one, but it should not be ignored. You will want to discuss and plan for the event long before it ever happens. Planning your funeral arrangements is one of the most important gifts you will ever give your family.

When you take the time to plan your funeral, you are giving your family the relief they need during a time of grief and stress. The last thing they want to do is worry about any important  decisions when they have lost someone they cared about deeply. In situations where a loved one has passed away, many people are not thinking clearly. They do not know what to do for you because you never expressed your wishes to them beforehand. Your wishes should be openly discussed with your family while you are alive. You may be surprised to learn that some of them have strong opinions and beliefs as to how they want to celebrate your life. These things need to be talked over so everyone has their say and you are still alive to participate in the conversation.

Anyone can say not to make a fuss and have a big ceremony. A number of people will say to just bury or scatter the ashes and get it over with, but the funeral services are for those who are still living. It is not about providing a service to those who are deceased. Those who are still living need a time to gather and grieve openly. Funeral services are a time for family and friends to gather as a group and offer support for each other. A healing environment is needed to give people a chance to come together in your name. It's not so important as to where. Everyone is unique and in some cases a field may be more appropriate then a church gathering. The Final Wish Cremation Society of Vermont is here to help guide and support Vermont cremation service decisions.

In today's society, more and more people are beginning to plan their own funeral and cremation services. Roughly, 98 percent of funeral homes throughout the country offer funeral preplanning as an option for those who want to ensure everything is taken care of before their passing. Those who take the time to plan their funerals ahead of time are providing the peace of mind they need for themselves and all of their family members. Just remember that making plans in advance does not mean that you have to pre-pay for everything. Joining the Final Wish Cremation Society of Vermont is a licensed Vermont cremation provider. The cost to join thsociety is only cost $50.00 and includes retaining a record of your wishes in our records.

Joining The Final Wish Cremation Society of Vermont: Should You Do It?
Planning your own funeral and Vermont cremation services serves three distinct purposes. Firstly, it allows you to make the decisions on the type of disposition for your ashes and funeral service you desire. It helps to prepare your loved ones for being able to handle your funeral and cremation service. You will have the time necessary to purchase a cemetery plot, as well as work on saving money to pay for the services, merchandise, plot and other necessary expenses. When you plan ahead, it helps to eliminate any surprises and uncertainties later on for your family and loved ones.

Next, planning in advance helps to spare those who are still living with any last minute decisions. Death brings about a number of emotions from confusion, grief, emotional upheaval, uncertainty and even irrationality. Under these types of circumstances, it can become increasingly difficult for the survivors to be able to make the best decisions. It could result in delays, extensive worry and expenses that could have been avoided.

If you take the time to pre- plan accordingly, you will be providing your family with the relief from any potential  burdens in a time of turmoil. Planning will help to eliminate any potential difficulties in a time of sorrow and stress for your loved ones. It helps to create a sense of peace and comfort for those who are struggling to cope with their loss. They will have the satisfaction in knowing that they are doing they part to carry out your final wishes. Planning for cremation services in Vermont is simple. It's the plans on how to celebrate your life and a ceremony that takes thought and care.

Finally, selecting the Final Wish Cremation Society of Vermont beforehand helps to eliminate the need to end up searching for a funeral home in a pinch. The Society will already know what needs to be done upon your passing, and your family will already know what to expect and whom they need to deal with when the service is needed.

Cremation Vermont and The Necessary Steps to Take Now
If you are curious about planning your funeral and Vermont cremation services now, you will want to take the following steps:


  • Research everything you need to know about funeral planning and cremation services. Take the time to call our office and gather information. Make an effort to visit with your family and discuses the options that cremation services opens. Share your thoughts about where and how you would like things done. Your family can share ideas and  begin to understand what will take place. Continue the conversation and make list so you will be able to consider the overall cost.


  • Ask for brochures and readings materials that can help you know all the options and be able to make educated decisions. We have a vast collection of books and pamphlets on the many aspects of funeral planning information on the various components of preplanning your funeral and cremation services.


  • Study all of the many ideas and innovative products available that will help with a life celebration. Caterers, stationary, videos, cremation caskets, urns, jewelry and keepsakes can all contribute to a more meaningful life celebration.


  • Make a trip to the cemetery of your choosing to help select the specific location where you want your urn or scattering to be located.


The Final Wish Cremation Society is an excellent source of information, but it is imperative that you perform research on your own before you talk or meet with us. We will help you to be clear on the type of services you desire and will never try to talk you into something that you do not want. The funeral planners at the Final Wish Society will be able to discuss your various options, costs, services and personalization of your funeral services. They will be able to show you your options of cremation services and merchandise and set the stage for the completion of your funeral arrangments..

Since there is no emotional pressure, there is no time like the present to make imperative decisions. According to AARP, they advise everyone to prepay and plan for their funeral services. They indicate that preplanning is especially important to those who are elderly.

Cremation Vermont. Traditional funerals can add up and can cost from $5,000 to $10,000, which includes the ceremony, casket, transporting of the remains and the services that the funeral director provides. This estimate is not going to cover the head stone, lot, mausoleum space or the cost associated with the closing and opening of the gravesite. Depending on the funeral home, it may not cover the limousines, vault, flowers, obituary and honorarium for your clergy. When it comes to an in-ground burial, you will want to add an additional one or two thousand on top of the aforementioned price. When you make alternative cremation services in Vermont using the Final Wish Cremation Society, direct cremation services start at only $1200.00. We hope use some of the money the Cremation Society saves you to have an appropriate celebration of life, that your family and friends will really appreciate.

The ruling from the FTC is set into place for the protection of the consumer. Funeral directors are required to provide you with an itemized list of all the prices, which you can use to help compare the costs. The list needs to contain the cost of each item at the funeral and the type of services offered. Once you have chosen the items you want, the director must provide you with a statement outlining all of the prices for each individual item. The Final Wish Cremation Society is a licensed funeral and cremation provider owned by Jeff Staab a licensed funeral director. We must comply to all the rules, laws and regulations the same as any other funeral establishment.  

Paying for the Cost of the Funeral and Cremation Services
Consumers that pre-planning funeral arrangement does not require pre-payment. Pre-paying can be a good option for some that don’t want to leave the respocibility of your family to have to make payment at the time of need. Consumers should be aware, before you make any pre- payments for any services or goods, you will want to consider the following:


  • Make sure you know what you are paying for at funeral establishment.


  • Ask the funeral provider what they are going to do with the money you prepaid them.


  • Do they do anything with the interest income on money put into a trust


  • Is there protection if the firm goes out of business?


  • Are you allowed to cancel the contract and get a refund of your money?


  • Can the plan be transferred if you were to die away from home?


Paying For the Cost of Your Funeral
The most common methods of paying for your funeral are outlined below:


  • Personal Accounts - This is by far the easiest method around with no lawyers required. Open a savings account with enough money in it to cover the cost of the funeral. It should be designated as payable on death to the funeral home.


  • Trust - In this method, you will prepay the cost of the funeral directly to the Final Wish Cremation Society of Vermont. The money will be put into a special trust that is regulated by state law and cannot be touch un till the time of death.


  • Life Insurance Policy - You will need to purchase a life insurance policy that is equal to the cost of your funeral. Benefits can be assigned to an individual. Our cremation society does not perform services with the promise of being paid by an insurance policy. Families would have to pay for our services and then get reimbursed by the insurance policy.


Our Members Receive a Funeral Planning Work Book
Between finalizing your agreement and your passing, an extended length of time may pass. You could end up forgetting a number of details about the arrangement in that time. Your family will be confused about what needs to be done. It is imperative that you create a document that outlines all of the vital information about you as an individual. The workbook we provide has areas that you will fill in and will include the following:


  • Personal information


  • Names and addresses of relatives


  • Names and addresses of other important individuals


  • Information about any organizations you belong to,  Veteran status and educational background as well as obituary  information


  • Details of the type of memorial service you want


  • Last wishes about the disposition of your body


  • Location of important paperwork


Tying Up Loose Ends
Once you have researched the type of funeral plan you desire, made important decisions, signed contracts and prepared the brochure for family, it is time to make sure everything is in one convenient location. Put everything into a safe where your next of kin will be able to find them. The Final Wish Cremation Society will also keep your records on file in a safe place until needed. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that everything is taken care of for your loved ones. For more information feel free to calling or writing, we are Vermonters serving Vermonters and we are here for you when you are ready to plan for a Vermont cremation service.


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