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In this collection of Cremation Jewelry pendants that hold ashes, you will find the most modern of our urn jewelry designs all in one place. Modern means that the cremation jewelry will have a less traditional look and be more in line with modern art and archtecture. Modern cremation jewelry pendants can be found here in silver, gold or gold vermeil. The shapes of modern cremation jewelry pendants tend to be more abstract with smooth lines. We hope you will find just the right cremation jewelry pendant to help you remember the life that was so special to you. All will hold ashes, hair, flower petals or a bit of earth.

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View: Infinity


Catalog Number: KJM-171

Infinity cremation jewelry pendant to hold ashes

View: Slide Rectangle (Stainless Steel)

Slide Rectangle (Stainless Steel)

Catalog Number: KJM-174

Basic slide rectangle cremation pendant


View: Slide Rectangle

Slide Rectangle

Catalog Number: KJM-135

Classic slide rectangle cremation pendant to hold ashes

View: Titanium Cylinder with Crystal Chip

Titanium Cylinder with Crystal Chip

Catalog Number: KJM-118

Titanium Cylinder with crystal chip cremation pendant


View: Titanium Slide Rectangle

Titanium Slide Rectangle

Catalog Number: KJM-136

Cremation jewelry urn to hold ashes, made of titanium