Ordering Cremation Diamonds

Ordering Cremation Diamonds

Select your unique cremation diamond(s)

Step 1 - First you will select the color of your cremation diamond. You will then select specifics of each diamond. Including cut and carat. Select a setting for your cremation diamond. You may skip this section if you prefer to have you own jeweler set your diamond. We have a wide selection of styles to suit any taste.

Optional Inscription

Each cremation diamond is inscribed with a unique identifier attributed to your family. Optionally, we can add a personalized message. Put the engraving information in the text box under "Custom Engraving" and we will add a charge of $3 per character, with a minimum charge of $75.00 and a 200 word maximum.

Follow the easy check out procedure

Cremation Solutions is secured by GeoTrust. Our SSL certificates are providing up to 256 bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible. This means you can rest assure that communications between your browser and this site's servers are private and secure. You will recieve a reciept by email. If you prefer not to purchase your diamond online, feel free to call us at (877) 365-9474.

Shipping the ashes

Cremation Solutions will ship you a kit to retain the ashes or hair and ship them back to us. Easy to follow directions are included and a self addressed container including return postage for orders coming from the USA. Orders placed from outside the USA will need return postage. Once we receive the ashes or hair at our facility, the first step is to extract the carbon.

Step 2 - The purification process. The carbon is heated at high heat under certain conditions. This converts the carbon to graphite.

Step 3 - The graphite goes into a special diamond press that will duplicate the natural forces present deep witin the earth. The longer in the press the larger the rough diamond crystal that results.

Step 4 - The certification. Our trained diamond cutters will facet your cremation diamond (s) according to your wishes. A laser will etch your unique identifier on the girdle of the diamond. The diamond is then certified for authenticity. The diamond is inspected graded and identified by our certified gemologist trainded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Diamond Creation Begins

Be assured that all orders are carefully tracked from the moment you place your order until you recieve your diamond. The paper trail follows your diamond from start to finish. The proces can take from six to nine months depending on the size and color of your diamond.

The cremation diamond is the same as if it was made over millions of years in about twenty-four weeks.


We always ship your cremation diamonds securely and fully insured with FedEx next day delivery/signature required at no additional charge.



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