Four Cs of Cremation Diamonds

Four Cs of Cremation Diamonds

Cremation Diamonds, made from the ashes of your loved one.

Color, Carats, Cuts, and Clarity.

Like the most precious and rare natural diamonds, the cremation diamond process allows you to choose from a range of carat sizes and cuts.

Color: Cremation diamonds made from ashes are available in brilliant and beautiful yellows, blues, green, clear and now red.  Like a sunset captured in time or a wave upon the ocean, each cremation diamond will have its own individual hue within the color family you choose.

  Colorless Cremation Diamond   Blue Cremation Diamond   Yellow Cremation Diamond   Red Cremation Diamond   Green Cremation Diamond  
  Colorless   Blue   Yellow   Red   Green  



Carats & Cuts: As the most precious and rare diamond you could ever own, your stunning cremation diamond makes a unique statement. Choose from carat sizes ranging from .25ct to over 1.0ct.  The most brilliant cuts are round, radiant, or princess, but almost any cut you desire is available upon request. 

  Round Cut   Radiant Cut Cremation Diamond   Princess Cut Cremation Diamond  
  Round Cut   Radiant Cut   Princess Cut  


Clarity: As one of our clients said about her husband, "He was perfect, yet certainly not flawless. I wouldn't expect his cremation diamond to be without flaws either". At the state of the art diamond facility, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality diamonds possible, but please understand that this is a scientific process that produces a unique cremation diamond every time.  Your cremation diamond will have flaws similar to a natural cut diamond. The cremation diamond ratings can range from VVS to I.

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