Cremation Jewelry is now one of the most popular ways to remember and bring comfort to survivors. Cremation beads are the new style of cremation jewelry. We offer beautiful glass beads handmade with compassion. A small amount of cremation ashes are infused into the molten glass as it is wound on the mandrel creating a beautiful piece of memorial art as unique as your loved one.

Select your favorite beads, then select a chain, bracelet or earrings. Our artist will put it all together for you creating a piece as unique as your loved one.

  1. You complete the order online and make the payment.
  2. Cremation Solutions sends you a package with the container.
  3. You fill the container and send it USPS Registered Mail to our jeweler.
  4. Our jeweler makes the cremation beads and sends them to you USPS Registered Mail.
  5. You receive and sign for the cremation beads.

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