What to do with Unclaimed Ashes

Whether it’s in a basement, a storage closet, or lined up on a shelf, every funeral home has them – unclaimed ashes.

Are You in the Business of Storing Ashes

It’s estimated that approximately one percent of cremation ashes are not claimed.  As the number of cremations performed each year increases, those numbers can start to add up.  For funeral homes it can mean storing the remains in a climate-controlled room for decades.

There are many reasons cremated remains are not picked up.  Before prepaid funerals, some families didn’t have the money to pay the funeral home’s bill and therefore were reluctant to come by the funeral home.  Some families aren’t especially close and no one family member wants to take responsibility for their relative.  In some instances, the survivors simply don’t know what to do with the remains, so they do nothing. Their mostly just uninformed of all the options. Many don’t even know about scattering urns and cremation jewelry.

Holy Land Ash Scattering can assist in decreasing funeral home’s inventories of ashes and remove the liability of storing ashes indefinitely.  Holyland Ash Scattering has developed a private memorial scattering garden in the Holyland. The company will take care of all of the details to arrange safe and secure shipping of the ashes to their office in Israel. The ashes will then be scattered in the most spiritual place in the world. Overlooking the Sea of Galilee, in the hills where Jesus lived and taught, their private memorial garden is a sacred place for a secure, final disposition for all time.

To further commemorate the sacred scattering ceremony, the company professionally videotapes and preserves this event on DVD as well as a YouTube download, to give client families added piece of mind, and as keepsake to watch and share with friends and family.  A handsome framed certificate of scattering is also included as an heirloom gift to give the family.

Funeral professionals seeking to learn more about ash scattering in the Holyland can contact the company direct to become a partner in providing a special, sensible and uniquely holy final resting place for their families departed loved ones.

About Holyland Ash Scattering Service

A division of Ash Scattering Society LLC, Holyland Ash Scattering (HAS) specializes in scattering the cremated remains of loved ones in a private memorial garden in the Holyland in Israel.  The company provides packaging for shipping remains, covers the cost of transporting the ashes, a professional scattering service and a personalized video tribute of the service, as well as a tribute certificate.  Funeral professionals seeking more information about ash scattering, or that want to become a representative, can visit the company’s website at holylandashscattering.com/funeraldirectors or call 888-720-1961.

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