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We have been getting a lot of press about our Personal Urns For Ashes, so I thought I would write a little about them myself. As many of you may or may not know I was a funeral director for over twenty years before starting Cremation Solutions. I attend the industry trade shows and read the trade journals. The industry has been trying to help make services and products more personal for some time now. In the urn department, urns with photos and engraved personal information has become popular. Even urns with digital slide shows are popular. I thought what about an urn that looks just like the deceased, what could be better than that!

The company called “That’s My Face” was the solution to the latest technology capable of producing such an urn. That’s my Face was founded by a PhD from the University of Cambridge (England) computer lab. specializes in patent-pending technologies around facial reconstruction, facial analysis and in transforming 2D portraiture into 3D sculptures. They make mask’s and action figures that look just like you! The best part is that they can do it from just a photo or two. They digitally create a three dimensional image from a two dimensional photo. The software can adjust coloration and fix blemishes and so on. I suggest people use images from their mid-life era to capture themselves in their prime. One recent customer wanted his own urn created in black and white and wanted his hand on his chin like Rodans famous sculpture “The Thinker”.

So we have been selling the urns now for two years. Sales are not as good as I had hoped for. I call it personalization gone too far! It seems that the Personal Cremation Urns just plain look too real. Creepy is the term that most used for their description. So they are not for everybody but most people do find them fascinating to say the least. At least the people that have purchased them are very pleased with the resulting urn. They rest on a handsome Verde marble base. A threaded plug is removed from the bottom of the base and the ashes are poured directly into the urn for all eternity. For a very personal one of a kind product that is selling well for Cremation Solutions, check our our selection of fingerprint jewelry. Fingerprint jewelry is jewelry that is made from an ink print of anyone’s fingerprint. Our fingerprints are like our one of a kind signature that nature has given each to us. No two fingerprints are alike.

I think in the near future I will offer them with the option of coming in a bronze tone. Casting of heads and bust have been around as memorials and art for hundreds of years and no one calls them creepy. The natural coloring as they are done now really brings them to life. Even the eyes look incredibly real.

Some of the strange request we have been asked are: Can you make them with movable eyes. Can we add a recording that is motion activated. I would like an Ozzy Ozbourne urn so I can spend eternity riding on the “Crazy Train”.  Lucky I have a sense of humor and am used to being asked strange questions. It’s not strange to me! twenty years in the funeral biz have prepared me. Ask away!!

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  3. Judy Wilson says:

    Personal cremation urns that looks like a bust of the deceased seems like a great idea. This would be a great way to add some life to an urn to remember a loved one as they were in life rather than in death. My mother was always a vivacious woman, so a personal urn would be a great way to honor her memory so that I can always be reminded of her when I look at it.

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