How Word Clouds Are Helping The Dying

Dying in bedThe Intensive Care Unit is a place where most people spend their last moments. The families of the dying have a hard time since they get to watch their loved ones in their last moments. There have been different kinds of research conducted to find ways that the dying and their families can be made comfortable during this difficult time. There is a need to find ways that health-care providers can connect with their patients since it is believed that there is no connection between them. One discovery that has proved to be effective in providing comfort to the dying and their families and make physicians and nurses more involved in the lives of their patients is the use of word clouds.

Word clouds are being used to give those who are in need of intensive care happy memories during their last days. The word clouds are being used by Canadian doctors to make the intensive care unit more humanizing and comfort the families of those who are dying. Word clouds make health professionals forge relationships with the patients.image

Word clouds are graphic representations of patient descriptions that are generated through and have been used in the ICU of St. Joseph’s Health-care. The word clouds have proved to be economical ways of relieving patients and their families during the difficult and stressful time. Staff members of the health-care facility have incorporated the use of word clouds in their regular lives.

Comforting The DyingThe use of word clouds in health-care has had a great impact on the provision of care to patients. The word clouds are also used by health-care professionals to care for the patients. They are considered to be a form of art and are used to tell stories about the patients to family members and health-care professionals. Word clouds are helping the dying by allowing their stories to be told instead of only focusing on their last days. The patient using word clouds is seen as a whole person, and their life story can be narrated in a creative way.

With word clouds, families can bond with the dying without focusing on the bad times or how they are spending their last days. It provides relief since they can talk about the good times and share happy memories. However, it is not only for family members but health-care professionals as well. The professionals get to interact with the patients, and they get reminded of why they got into the profession. The word clouds give the health-care providers a chance to appreciate human life and the good moments they shared with their patients. It gives them a sense of healing knowing they did something good for the patient and made their lives more enjoyable.

The ICU is considered a very stressful place to work in and the use of word clouds makes the stress more bearable. It leans towards the practice of narrative medicine. Narrative medicine is a care model that allows patient stories to be recognized and show the different parties the essence of having a common humanity.

Physicians who have used word clouds describe it as being beautiful since it brings everyone together. It makes it easier for physicians to forge meaningful connections with the dying and the families. These connections are important in the provision of care as it makes it easier for them to understand the patient’s needs and cater to them in a better way.

In forming these bonds, the health-care providers get to learn more about the patient. They learn what makes the patient reluctant to give up and why they are eager when they hear footsteps approaching. They get to know how they remain determined during the entire time and the things they consider valuable to them. Narrative medicine makes it easier to identify with the dying person as a fellow human being and not only as a patient.

Memorial Word CloudWord clouds remain even after the person has died. Family members report that the use of word clouds has made them feel closer to their loved one even after they died. Looking at the images makes it easier for them to reflect on the life of their loved one instead of focusing on how they spent their last days. The use of word clouds has shown the world that physicians care deeply about the welfare of their patients and they are genuinely concerned about what happens to them. Initially, physicians and nurses could only be seen briefly when they were giving bad news to the family. With word clouds, they can have a more active role in the life of the dying patient. Dying patients, the families, and the medical professional can be on the same side since they all share a common humanity. Word clouds have brought together a community that was initially divided.

The use of word clouds is not only useful in the provision of health-care but eulogy writing and the making of funeral arrangements.

Word clouds can be used to make the dying more comfortable. They give narratives of the patient making it easier for people to focus on happy memories. After the patient passes on, the family is left to make funeral arrangements and write the eulogy.

The use of word clouds to write narratives of the dying person can be used in writing the eulogy. A eulogy tells the life story of those who pass on and the achievements that they made during their lifetime. Word clouds can be used to give an interesting description of their life story and let people focus on happy memories instead of being sad. They will engage the loved ones of the deceased who will be eager to know more about the life and achievements made when they were alive.

The word clouds also provide an emotional attachment to the deceased since it helps them focus on the main things. Family members who looked at word clouds feel close to their loved one, and it makes it easier for them to reflect on the good memories they had. It makes it easier for them to move on instead of dwelling on how their loved one spent their last days. Health-care professionals will see the word clouds and remember the time spent with the patients.

Word clouds used in eulogy writing will convey a strong message on the life of the patient and how they were determined to keep living and leave a legacy for those they were leaving behind. Those who look at the eulogy find it easier to heal from the loss of their loved one. Family members who were in the study report that they felt a strong connection with the patient and found it easier to focus on happy memories instead of the sad ones.

Physicians and nurses will feel like they had an active role in the lives of their patients since they will have had a chance to understand them better. They will engage with the family of their patient and will appreciate the delicate nature of humanity. The professionals will be more motivated in carrying out their duties since they will have a closer connection with the patients and their families.

The use of word clouds in eulogy writing will enable family members to give details of the patient’s life in a language and manner that is easy for them and others to understand. People will look at the eulogy and see the entire life of the deceased without focusing on the negative. People will understand and have a closer connection to the family. Family members will feel closer to each other since they will share a common person. It will be easier to use word clouds to make it easier for family members and those who were considered close to the deceased to find strength in each other and look back at the good times they spent with their loved one. Word clouds highlight different parts of the life of their loved ones, and they will see how they made the days of the person more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Funeral CelebrantIn the funeral ceremony, the word clouds can be used to highlight important details concerning the life of the person. Those who attend the funeral will have a chance to live together with their loved one as they will feel like they are still together. The family will feel like they have a connection with their loved one even though s/he has already passed on. Word clouds will make it easier for them to remember the deceased and their legacy. It is a way for them to display the documented words of their loved ones as a way to reaffirm their life.

Word clouds are important as they give the dying person dignity even after they are already dead. The families can reconnect with their loved one through looking back to their words. Word clouds being used in health-care will go a long way in improving the care provided to the patients. They will feel better knowing that they can be seen as people and not just as patients. It also makes it easier for family members to accept the reality that their loved ones will eventually die and focus on happy memories they had together.

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  1. It is a lot of words , but frankly I did not understand what is meant by the “word cloud”. Don’t we all focus on the good and happy times of the person’s life? As Funeral Celebrants it is both our passion and our profession to bring out those memories.

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