Going Back to Blueberry Mountain

Here at Cremation Solutions we know that the scattering of ashes just comes naturally to some families. A favorite swimming hole, ski trail, the 18th hole. Especially places that are already a traditional visit for a family may one day become even more sacred when our earthly remains one day become one with the special places we love.

To have the insight to say “This is my special place” often does not come natural. Just scatter me is just not enough! So as you are getting along in your life and sharing and exploring for your “Special place”, be sure to share it with other so they will know to grant your final wish.

By, Mark Harris author of Grave Matters

On Blueberry Hill

On a bright, sultry morning a few weeks ago, my family hiked up the small, blueberry-topped mountain that lies a few miles from the summer home my in-laws own in the wilds of New Hampshire.

When we reached the summit, Theresa set her pack on a granite boulder, looked out to the forested horizon and made the announcement that’s become a standard feature of our annual trek into local blueberry territory: “Now don’t forget,” my wife said to me, our two teenage daughters and, seemingly, the universe. “This is where I want to be buried when I die.”

We hardly needed the reminder. Theresa has talked long and openly about her final wishes. Even in grade school our daughters could (and sometimes did) recite the brief of her burial plans to their astonished classmates: My Mama wants to be cremated, have her ashes put in a paper bag and buried under a blueberry bush in New Hampshire.

The blueberry mountain is, our girls know, Theresa’s special place. From early childhood on, my wife has been coming to this lush and verdant hill, to hike, pick blueberries, and for at least a few hours commune with a natural world that couldn’t look any more pristine and untrammeled. Stand at the peak beside the lone fire tower here and all you’ll see is a hilltop overrun in blueberry and raspberry bushes and, beyond, stretching into the far distance in every direction, an undulating and unbroken landscape of trees.

For almost fifty years, Theresa has absorbed this place. Its clean air has filled her lungs; its colors and calm and rhythms have filled her being. In all that time, this wooded corner of the Granite State has, metaphorically but also quite literally, become a part of who she is. Of course, she would want to return here at the end.

When it comes, my wife’s Ash scattering / burial on blueberry mountain will rejoin her with the elements that so infused and inspired her in life. At the last, she will simply be one with her beloved patch of earth. And when she is, her children can come and find their mother in Mother Nature — in these blueberry bushes and red maples, on the winding trail up this mountain and at its peak — where she lives on.

A green scattering or burial of her ashes can save us money. It’s good for the planet, hews to honorable tradition, and celebrates our loved ones. More than all that, it returns our departed to the natural cycle of life — of life and death, decay and rebirth — that turns forever. And in that way, gains them immortality.

Often people do not specify where they want to be scattered and survivors who want to do the right thing will ponder forever just where is that special place. Ashes go into storage as this now gets put off because no one can agree or conclude the place of final rest. As result guilt and lack of closure may eat at  the conscious of our family for years to come.

Holylnd Ash Scattering

The Holy Land

Now for many that have been interred to the closet the answer is easy. What better a place then the land where Jesus lived and taught. A very special memorial scattering garden has now been opened to the public to scatter the ashes of their loved one’s in the Holy Land. This protected garden has been set aside just for this purpose by Holyland Ash Scattering. This professional service in now available through any funeral home. Millions of Christians make the pilgrimage to this sacred land for a truly life changing experience. Now they have the option of becoming one with this land for all eternity.

Scattering Garden for Ashes

Private Memorial Scattering Garden

Its not too late learn how you can have a professional and dignified scattering ceremony in the holiest of all the lands. Survivors will receive and DVD of the entire ceremony that will be cherished for generations and start new traditions that will take away the guessing game of just what is the perfect place.

Holyland Ash Scattering

Watch a Video of our Sacred Scattering Garden Here

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