Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint jewelry is the ultimate in personal custom jewelry.

Silver Shown With Optional Birthstone

Each piece is as unique as our own fingerprints. Nature has graced each of us with our own natural signature. Now with a simple ink kit and the magic of scanning technology, we can replicate anyone’s fingerprint and even our pets paw prints in beautiful one of a kind jewelry. We create high quality precious metal fingerprint jewelry using the old age process of lost wax casting. The patented process used to create our unique collection of fingerprint jewelry, transforms a simple ink print into stunning jewelry keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. The ink kit is free with any order and if you already have taken the prints we can use them too. We prefer whenever possible the original prints and not copies. Black ink on white line free paper works best. For children under the age of two and under, fingerprints are not fully developed, so for them we use whole hand and footprints, also captured in our supplied ink kits. Pets can supply paw prints as well as nose prints.  One we have obtained the prints, we will select the best part of the best print. The print is laser etched in wax and the wax is cast. Every detail is captured in sterling silver or 14 kt gold. Each is cut and polished by skilled craftsmen. It will take 3 – 4 weeks to receive the jewelry. Each week we complete one step in the process and we start every Monday.

As if fingerprint jewelry isn’t already personal enough we can further personalize each piece with custom engraving at no additional cost.

A birthstone or diamond can also be added. We also have the ability to do custom work as well. You can order fingerprint jewelry pendants with a chain or use your own. Everything is made right here in the USA and shipping is free. We never use any precious metal clay in any part of our process.

Fingerprint jewelry is for sharing, for staying connected to those we care about and reinforcing relationships. Parents  can hold close the touch of their children. It is also a nice way to remember those we have loved and lost. Sharing fingerprint jewelry is a creative and personal way for family and friends to bond the relationships we have with each other. To wear fingerprint jewelry is to feel the memories and cherish to their touch forever. Each piece an heirlooms destined to be  passed on.

Couples can swap prints and even create fingerprint wedding bands.

Friends will always feel connected when wearing fingerprint jewelry.                                                       Fingerprint jewelry “Dog Tags” have become popular with those serving in the military.For those who serve and those in waiting for their safe return home. Pet parents can cherish the unconditional love and touch of their loyal companions. No matter who the fingerprint jewelry is for, we will be here to help guide you along the way. So you can be sure your fingerprint jewelry will be all you had hoped for.

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