Fingerprint Jewelry Connects with Everyone

Mother and Daughter

Every fingerprint is unique, so why not give a friend or family member one of the most unique gifts that one can possibly give. Fingerprint jewelry has the fingerprint of the gift giver. The fingerprint is prominently displayed on the jewelry which can come in a variety of designs and sizes. Parents, Couples, Siblings and friends can all cherish the connections that our the gift of life.

How the Fingerprint Jewelry is Created

There are several methods used today to create fingerprint jewelry.

As Unique as You!

At Cremation Solutions we capture the print with an ink print on white paper. We can supply the kit to take the prints. If there is not enough time for us to mail you a kit, fingerprints may be taken using an ink pad and white paper. The thumb is usually the best finger to use. Once we select the best print, we scan it at a very high resolution and then transfer the print into wax. Our jewelry is made using the process of a lost wax casting. Engraving on the back of each piece is part of the casting process as well. Our process takes three weeks if the finished jewelry passing final quality control. The prints is kept in our data base forever, so if additional jewelry is desired, you need only give us the name of the print donor or the unique number that is on the back of each piece..

Another popular method is to capture the print in a product called precious metal clay, which allows for someone to place his or her finger on the clay. The clay is then rolled out and shaped using special forms. Then the metal clay is dried under the high heat of a gas torch or kiln. Using both the clay cutter and an emery board, the artisan can create an original piece of jewelry that will make the perfect gift.

Always Feel the Connection

Fingerprint Jewelry Can Be Taken Almost Anywhere

The great thing about jewelry made from a fingerprint is that the recipient can carry it with him or her. It often feels like the print donor stays with the recipient wherever he or she goes. There are many pieces of jewelry that look alike, but a custom piece of fingerprint jewelry will always be unique. By taking the time to have the piece of jewelry made, the gift giver shows that he or she actually put time, effort and thought into the gift.

Other Gifts Just Don’t Cut It

It’s very easy to give someone a gift card to a popular store. It’s also easy to grab a gift basket filled with chocolates, cookies and random knick-knacks. What is much harder is to find something that is truly unique and shows that the gift giver actually understands the recipient.

Wrap Him Around Your Finger!

Personalized gifts are more memorable and the recipient of a fingerprint keepsake is much more likely to keep it for a long time.

Personalized Items Bring Back Memories

One of the best parts about having a long-term relationship with someone are the memories that are generated through experiences together. Memories are often brought back from the past through their associations with sentimental objects. A pin, pendant or a photograph can bring old memories to the surface and can often be the glue that holds relationships together.

Personalized Gifts Show That the Relationship is Cherished

When someone gives a personalized gift, they are sending the message that they cherish the relationship and see it as much more than a casual acquaintance.

Keep Their Touch Forever

They are the perfect gift for kids. Friends, couples and to remember someone who has passed on. What is more powerful than the fingerprint of a loved one who has passed on? With fingerprint jewelry, it is as if the touch of that special loved one is always with you.

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