Death is No Stranger But it Can Be Strange!

Some of the Strangest Deaths Throughout History


Rasputan Death

Hard To Kill

If you were a child back in the 90s, you probably know who Rasputin was from the Anastasia movie. Even though there is no way to know for sure what happened, it is believed that the Romanov family plotted to off Rasputin using cyanide. After consuming the wine laced with poison, he was still alive. He was shot and left for dead, but when the family returned to check on him, he was still kicking. They shot him again, bludgeoned him using a rubber club, bound him, wrapped him in a sheet and threw him into the river. When the body was pulled from the river, he had managed to free one of his arms.

Moon River

Li Bai, a well-known Chinese poet, is legendary in the Chinese culture. Story has it that he drowned after he fell out of his boat while on the Yangtze River. Sources say he was trying to embrace the moon’s reflection.

Dinner OD

Sweden’s king, Adolf Frederick, literally ate himself to death. His last meal consisted of caviar, lobster, kippers, sauerkraut, champagne and 14 helpings of semla, his favorite dessert.

Acquittal is a Must

Back in 1871 in Ohio, a man was shot and killed during a bar fight. Clement Vallandigham, the attorney for the defendant, argued that the victim is the one who killed himself by trying to get his pistol out of his pocket when he was kneeling down. To prove the case, he demonstrated the act in front of the jury. He grabbed a gun that he didn’t think was loaded. In the process of acting out the scene, he ended up killing himself. Since he proved the point, the defendant, Thomas McGehan, ended up being acquitted.

Death by a Turn of Irony

Toronto lawyer, Garry Hoy, consistently threw himself against the glass of the Toronto-Dominion Centre to demonstrate its durability. Even though he was fine all of the other times, this time the glass gave out and he fell 24 stories. In reality, the glass popped out of the frame, so Hoy was right in its durability.


It Was A Real Bomb!

Back in August of 2003, Brian Douglas Wells, was killed from a bomb that was secured around his neck when he was caught trying to rob a bank. Once he was apprehended by the police, the bomb exploded. He claimed he was forced to do it, but he was in on the whole scheme. He never thought the bomb was real. The purpose behind the whole thing was so that a prostitute would have the money she needed to pay a hitman to kill her father. The stolen money wasn’t even close to enough, and the inheritance was almost all depleted anyway.

Fatal Hilarity

Greek philosopher, Chryssuppus, actually died from laughter back in 206 BC. In a drunken stupor, he saw a donkey chewing on some figs and thought it was hilarious. Once the laughing begin he was unable to stop. Humor actually got the best of him, in this case. Due to the uncontrollable laughter, he ended up dying.

Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

There is a mystery around the opening of a Mummy’s Tomb. After opening a tomb, bad luck has found many of those involved, including a fair amount of deaths. Carnarvon ended up passing away just a few months after the tomb was opened. It was believed that the death was the result of blood poisoning that occurred when he was bitten by a mosquito. The bite was infected with erysipelas from when he nicked himself with a razor when shaving.

Dance of Death

Dance Until You Drop

Back in 1518, The Dancing Plague took place in eastern France. In a place called Strasbourg, Alsace, a woman by the name of Frau Troffea began dancing without rest. It is considered the most notable type of mass hysteria where people (over 400) would dance until they passed away. No medical explanation exists for this as of yet. They simply danced until they were exhausted, had heart attacks, and strokes.

One for the Guinness Book

Most of us know that drinking too much alcohol could cause death by Alcohol poisoning, but what about drowning in it? Back in 1814, an enormous vat of beer at a brewery in London ended up rupturing, which caused a large domino effect for all of the surrounding vats. More than 323,000 gallons of beer ended up flooding the brewery and all of the surrounding areas. In total, seven people were killed and two homes were destroyed by the beer.

Sweet Catastrophe

During 1919, the Boston Molasses Flood caused the deaths of 21 people and injured 150 more. A large storage tank containing molasses at the northern end of Boston ended up bursting and flooding the streets of town at 35 mph.

Talk About a Blackout

Back in 1998 in the Congo, a football match ended up being interrupted due to a lightning bolt that ended up striking the pitch and killed the entire 11 members on the team. Even though the other team wasn’t scathed, they did get accused of witchcraft.

Your Body is Toxic

Death by ToxinsGloria Ramirez was admitted to the hospital in 1994 from effects related to cervical cancer, but others ended up needing medical attention as well. It was found that her skin was toxic. Hospital staff noticed a garlic-like, fruity odor from her mouth and an oily sheen on her skin. When the nurse drew her blood, she noticed an ammonia smell from the tube. The nurse who took the blood, the doctor and a respiratory therapist all passed from the blood. Ramirez passed from kidney failure. It is still speculation as to what really happened with her blood that killed all the others, but they believe it all relates to DMSO2.

Trouble in Paradise

In Thailand, two Canadian sisters were found deceased in their hotel room. Reports indicated that the sisters were killed from DEET poisoning after they consumed a cocktail containing a neurotoxic mosquito repellent. Autopsies by Canadian officials showed that they did have DEET in their system and they did die from poisoning, but the amounts were not large enough to have killed them, so you get left to wonder what the cause really was.

Mountain Mystery

Strange DeathBack in February of 1959, 10 hikers decided to embark on a mission to climb Kholat Syakhl in Russia. One ended up turning back a day in from illness and the remaining nine weren’t seen alive again. The campsite was in shambles and the tent was torn open from inside. Two bodies were found a mile from camp beneath a tree in only their underwear. Three more were scattered along the way in attempts to get away. The question on everyone’s mind, was what happened to them.

Funeral Planning was delayed two months passed before the last four were found in a ravine not far from where one of the other bodies was found. These members were wrapped in clothing from other group members, which ended up being radioactive. All died of trauma, but no outward evidence was found. One was missing her tongue. It was ruled as compelling natural forces that caused the deaths. To this day, no one really knows how they died.

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