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Cremation urns come in all shapes, sizes, and styles from classic ceramic designs to more modern motifs to completely personalized urns like the Barack Obama one above. This urn can be customized to be shaped like anyone's face.

Purchasing a cremation urn is not something most people do many times during their life. When contemplating the perfect vessel to hold our loved one’s ashes for eternity, there are many factors that come into play. One of the first things to consider is where the cremation urn for ashes will be placed or kept and will they be kept at all or divided between family and friends. Today most people are choosing to scatter the ashes in one or more especially meaningful locations. In this case you may wish to use an urn that is specially designed for scattering the ashes. The location and method of the scattering will further influence the style of scattering urn needed. When the choice is other then scattering you should consider where the urn will be kept. We are always just a phone call or email away if you have any questions.

Some popular choices are:

  • Scattering the ashes back to nature in a place of natural beauty or special meaning.
  • Burial in the family cemetery plot or on a home site.
  • Placed in a columbarium niche in a cemetery or other location.
  • Kept at home indoors or outdoors, i.e. in the garden.
  • Placed inside a cremation monument.
  • Turned into cremation jewelry, art or an ocean reef

Once they have decided on the disposition of the ashes most people try to match the design of the cremation urn with the style and or personality of the person or pet. Sometimes you just see a design and say that’s it that’s the one. Certain designs somehow remind us of the life and how it was lived, what they wore, how they decorated, hobbies, careers, etc. Many cremation urns can be further personalized with engraving, photos, or a nameplate. One of the reasons Cremation Solutions offers so many cremation urn styles and designs is because we are all unique in this world and we consider urns to be sacred as life itself. Picking an urn for cremation is not a choice to taken lightly, so we endeavor to provide you with a wide selection that includes cremation urns both small and large made out of bronze, wood, biodegradable material, glass, marble, and more. Whatever style of urn you are looking for, we have it.

Cremation Urns in the Home: Whether the urn is to be placed on a mantle, shelf, cremation urn stand, in a cremation urn cabinet , or in a “Life Alter” at home you may want to consider the matching an existing décor and taste. Do you want the cremation urn to look like an urn? Some people prefer the urn not look like an urn at all. Many choices of urns blend into the décor or can be a piece of art with inner chamber to discreetly hold the ashes while serving as a center piece of art.

Cremation Urns in the Yard: People may choose to keep the ashes outside of their home. This is a nice option for those who might be considering to scatter the ashes in the yard, but because scattered ashes are not recoverable and people move and properties change hands, there are outdoor options that can be moved. First of all you can bury the urn in your yard. In this case you should use a cremation urn vault. An urn vault is a protective box that holds the urn inside that is sealed to be air and water tight. They are made to stand the elements and can always be dug up and moved if needed. A memorial stone marker is placed above the urn vault as both a memorial and location marker. Another favorite of Cremation Solution customers is our natural stone memorials which are large stone and boulders that have a special inner chamber to hold the ashes. These natural markers can be placed in gardens and along walkways and paths. Some simply look like a stone and some have the options of adhering a memorial nameplate.

Examples of cremation monuments for the yard or garden. These rock solid memorials will keep your loved one's ashes safe and secure from the elements.

Cremation Monuments are another outdoor memorial option. These are actual monuments like the ones in cemeteries, only they can be opened up to have an urn placed inside a special inner chamber called a niche. They are made of granite and come in many styles and colors and can be sized to hold individual cremation urns and even whole families in estate sized cremation monuments. Names can be engraved and photos can be laser etched to further personalize the monuments and if you move the monument can be relocated as needed.

Cremation Urns in a Cemetery: You may already have a family burial plot in a cemetery. Almost all cemeteries will let you bury urns on your gravesite. Most have regulations as to how many urns can be interred in a single grave and the depth of the burial. Urn vaults and markers are sometimes required. Cemeteries may have other options too. Some have columbariums. These are structures, usually made of stone, where you may purchase space for placement of the cremation urn. This space is called a niche. It’s like a mausoleum for urns instead of caskets. Some are indoors and some are outdoors. Many new cemeteries are also installing what is called a scattering garden. These are gardens or walkways that people can scatter the ashes in. The ashes are usually scattered on the ground and then raked into the earth. A central monument is often in place were the names are engraved of all who have had their ashes scattered.

Cremation Urn Options: Many people who choose to use a cremation urn will also set aside a portion of the ashes for other memorial options. Ashes can be shared among family and friends to create individual memorial options such as cremation jewelry, cremation diamonds or crystals and small urns called keepsake urns. These precious keepsakes are kept or worn by survivors and have become very popular because of the comfort they bring.

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