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Cremation jewelry is nothing new, for years people have used lockets to hold a small amount of ashes or hair. The concept of holding onto something personal of a deceased loved one adds special meaning to the jewelry. Although most cremation jewelry can still hold hair or flower petals and earth, most people choose to have the jewelry hold ashes.

Cremation Jewelry comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; it's easy to find a design that fits the memory of your loved one perfectly.

Cremation jewelry became more widely available in the early 90’s when it was first marketed through funeral homes. Because Cremation Solutions is a web based company, we can offer a much larger selection then funeral homes. Our overhead is lower so we may offer better prices on our cremation jewelry. Cremation Solutions not only carries our own line of cremation jewelry but also work with several US based artist so we can offer our customers with a wide variety of hand crafted cremation jewelry custom made in the USA.

Most of our cremation jewelry is easily filled by the customer. Each piece comes with simple step by step directions to ad a small amount of ashes to a hollow chamber in the jewelry. A small screw is removed and a mini funnel guides the ashes into the chamber. Then just put the screw back in the jewelry piece, a drop of glue can be used for a permanent seal.

We have recently added a cremation jewelry piece to our fingerprint jewelry line. It combines the popular use of a person’s fingerprint on a pendant, but also has an inner chamber for cremation ashes. Some of our jewelry is made with the ashes being a part of the piece. With cremation jewelry beads and glass pendants the ashes are added to the jewelry while in a hot molten state. Cremation crystals and cremation diamonds are actually created with elements of the cremation ashes. When this type of cremation jewelry is ordered, we mail you a kit to safely mail some ashes directly to us.

One of the reasons cremation jewelry has become so popular is the continued growth in scattering ashes. People like the idea of our physical elements being returned to nature but also like the idea of retaining some of the ashes to always hold a part of the earthly remains close to themselves. Cremation jewelry and keepsake urns are the perfect solutions to satisfy both needs. Even when not scattering, cremation jewelry can and comfort and a sense of closeness that survivors need.

Thumbprint Cremation Jewelry lets you remember your loved one by keeping a unique imprint them by you side.

Jewelry for ashes give us a sense of connection that other jewelry just can’t provide. It’s being able to hold something sacred and very personal close to your heart and a sign of our continued love and devotion. Cremation jewelry is something that is often shared among family members that also reinforces the bond between surviving family members. For example a group of grandchildren will feel and be more connected when each is wearing a pendant containing grandma’s ashes. When cremation jewelry also takes the form of a religious or spiritual symbol, it can help reinforce our beliefs as well as ad a sense of being.

When I was a funeral director and cremation jewelry was first introduced in the 90’s, I must admit I was a skeptic and did not think many people would want jewelry that contained ashes. Yes, I thought it was a gimmick to help increase sales. My mind was soon changed after the first few families received their cremation jewelry. When I ran into one women in the supermarket she confessed and thanked me for the now very special piece of jewelry she now always wears as a pendant. Like myself, she too was skeptical even when she made the purchase. Now she says the cremation jewelry somehow makes her feel closer to the memory of her lost son. She picked a dolphin because he loved the ocean and she scattered his ashes in a favorite fishing area. Her two daughters also wear a cremation jewelry pendant in memory of their brother.

Since then I have heard hundreds of similar stories of peoples experience with cremation jewelry. I now have reverted to a favorite philosophy when introduced to new memorial choices, and that is, if it feels right then it is the right thing to do.

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