Celebrate Your Loved One’s Life with Pandora-Style Memory Charms

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Celebrate Your Loved One’s Life with Pandora-Style Memory Charms. Wearing jewels to commemorate a loved one who has passed away is an ancient practice. Even today, many women wear lockets or other jewels in honor of a beloved relative or spouse. Given the popularity of the Pandora charm bracelet, Cremation Solutions is now offering a line of commemorative Pandora compatible cremation beads. These beads are custom-made from glass, incorporating the ashes of your loved one, or made from silver or gold and easily filled by the customer. They are available in many beautiful designs. Wearing memory jewelry allows people to feel connected to the essence of their loved one or a special pet.

Cremation Solutions Memory Beads and Charms for Pandora

Ashes JewelryA Pandora Bracelet has become a woman’s signature piece of jewelry, a conversation piece that offers timeless appeal. The bracelet is a loop that holds Pandora beads or charms made to fit the bracelet. The bracelets are available in silver, gold, and leather. Women have become fascinated by the Pandora platform because of the extraordinary array of available beads and charms that attach to the bracelet. Each woman can customize her bracelet with colors and charms that reflect her life—that even tell the story of her life. There are charms that represent hobbies, occupations, family, and pets. Every completed Pandora bracelet is essentially a custom piece of jewelry that is uniquely suited to the woman who wears it.

Pandora bracelets, not surprisingly are becoming treasured heirlooms. For this reason, many women are choosing to add beads and charms to their bracelets that reflect a beloved family member or a dear pet. For many years, families have been transforming some of the ashes of their deceased loved ones into commemorative objects that serve as daily reminders of the love that continues and the bond that even death cannot erase. Wearing a Pandora compatible cremation bead made with some of the ashes of a loved one is another way to experience and honor that connection.

Cremation BeadsCremation Solutions has a wide array of bead styles to choose from.

The beads are designed to fit not only Pandora bracelets, but are also compatible with similar styles like the Biagi and Troll bracelet systems. There are a dazzling array of colors to consider for your memory bead like turquoise, green, pink, red, yellow, lavender, blue, and even black. In most cases, except for the black beads, the ashes are clearly visible within the glass. Cremation Solutions employs a special process to create these glass beads that literally encase and protect the ashes while showcasing them in a beautiful commemorative jewel. Choose a color that complements your Pandora bracelet or opt for your loved one’s favorite color. The swirling ashes help to create a truly one-of-a-kind design and will serve as a timeless reminder of your loved one’s essence that you can keep close to you always.

Each bead is designed with a large center hole that easily slides onto the bracelet. Cremation Solutions’ Pandora-style beads for ashes will complement other beads that are already showcased on the bracelet. Choose between single and multi-color glass beads that highlight your loved one’s ashes in a beautiful time capsule or fill silver and gold beads via a tiny portal that seals with a threaded plug. All are commemorative jewels that can be worn every day.

Cremation Solutions: A Trusted Brand

Cremation Solutions is a Vermont-based company that specializes in cremation products and funeral planning. Known for its customer care and focus, Cremation Solutions has been creating memory jewelry for over a decade. With lamp work and glass blowing techniques each single jewel is a custom piece made from the ashes you send, every jewel is created with extraordinary care and artistry. Cremation Solutions employs high-quality materials, knowing that each bead is destined to become a family heirloom, a precious keepsake. These aren’t merely ordinary beads; they are sacred and dear to the wearer.

Cremation Solutions has created a secure process by which all ashes are labeled, tracked, and protected from the moment they arrive in the mail. Their reputation for quality excellence has led them to become a trusted name in the memory jewelry field. It is the company’s heartfelt pleasure to create objects that provide so much comfort and meaning to the people who wear them.

The Ordering Process

Ordering your custom Pandora-style cremation jewelry is easy through Cremation Solutions’ website. The precious metal beads of silver and gold are easily filled by the customer and comes with very easy step by step instructions to add a pinch of ashes yourself. For custom made one of a kind glass cremation beads Cremation Solutions will immediately send you a kit to safely and securely send your loved one’s ashes in the mail. Included in this kit are easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Each kit includes a container that allows for easy measuring so that you send exactly the amount of ashes needed to create your Pandora-style memory bead. The name of your loved one or pet is clearly designated on the container, along with a unique identifying number that allows Cremation Solutions to track your ashes from the moment they arrive. There is never any intermingling of ashes; the process ensures that all orders are kept separate. Any unused ashes will be returned with the completed bead.

Treasured Gifts

Cremation Solutions’ Pandora-style cremation beads also make for a unique heirloom gift. Many customers choose to have commemorative beads created for several members of the family as a remembrance of a beloved parent or grandparent. Not only are the beads beautiful with their glassy finish and eye-catching colors; they carry the essence of a dear loved one, which makes them a veritable treasure.

Silver_Gold_BeadsMemorial jewelry can be an important way to experience a connection to your loved one who has passed on. It can provide not only comfort, but also inspires interesting conversation with its beauty. If you have questions about these remarkable beads, contact Cremation Solutions, who will be happy to address any concerns or questions you may have prior to ordering. Cremation Solutions offers a wide array of other types of memory jewels and other cremation products, as well. Visit www.cremationsolutions.com to view their complete line of products and for valuable information about cremation products and ceremonies. Meanwhile, if you haven’t started a Pandora-type bracelet yet, you should consider adding one to your jewelry collection, along with a memory bead commemorating someone you love. Each bracelet and charm not only tells a piece of your personal story, but with Cremation Solutions’ cremation beads, they now additionally honor those who have touched your life the most.

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