Aquitted of Murder Cassie Anthony Now Wears A Cremation Jewelry Pendant

This Thursday People magazine will release a story called “The Strange and Lonely Life of Casey Anthony”.

Cassie and Caylee in Happier Times

It will be a year since Casey was acquitted of murdering her daughter, two year old Caylee. The article talks about her boring life living in seclusion surfing the internet and checking on her most hated women in America status. She now lives in West Palm Beach Florida were she serves a year on probation for check fraud. According to a friend she has gained twenty lbs from inactivity and eats allot. She plans on leaving the country when her probation is complete. Apparently enough bleeding hearts have sent her donations to live on and she lives with a sugar daddy she calls Pop’s.

So why are we writing about Casey on our Cremation Solutions blog!. Apparently Last year Casey and her mother Cindy reconciled via skype. While Casie was in jail, Caylee was cremated and Cindy purchased two pendants which hold some of little Caylee’s ashes.

Casey Wearing Pendant Containing Caylee's Ashes

Due to our privacy policy I cannot confirm that she purchased the cremation jewelry from Cremation Solutions. She waited two years to give it to Casey and asked her first if she would wear it. The two made a pact to always wear the identical pendants to honor the memory of Caylee. Here at Cremation Solutions we know this is not an unusual way of families using keepsakes like jewelry that holds ashes to connect survivors to share in their grief.

Reading the latest news on the subject though, I noticed the media has portrayed the wearing of what they are calling an ashes necklace as some kind of freakish invention of this bizarre family. Here at Cremation Solutions we know that this is far from the truth. Our experience tells us that our many customers that purchase our jewelry for ashes, can’t thank us enough. It’s how I know how important and cherished the jewelry becomes. I can’t count how many times I’ve been told how comforting the jewelry is, and how many never take it off.

I guess I just wanted to point out that there are many in our society that still have never heard of cremation jewelry and find the idea of wearing it a bit strange. I must say that even I thought it was a strange new fad when as a funeral director I started selling cremation jewelry 15 years ago. After one former client approached me months later in the supermarket to thank me for helping her through the funeral of her husband, she began to speak softly. A warm glow came over her face as she opened her blouse to reveal the fish pendant I sold her, as she whispered he’s always with me. I never questioned the jewelry again as a new gimmick to make a sale. The people I have served over the years constantly remind me of the importance of their most cherished piece of jewelry. For some people the Idea is just too much. It’s these people that I now recommend fingerprint Jewelry, which is a one of a kind pendant or rings, faced with the actual fingerprint of our loved one. The fingerprint Jewelry is equally cherished and shared amongst family members.

Murder or not we all need to heal. I think it was a very thoughtful gesture of her mom to gift her the necklace. Family is family you only have one. It took a long time for her mom to give it, the healing will not erase the scared life Casey lives. What strange is that the media acts like the cremation jewelry is some strange family creation. Cremation Jewelry is purchased and worn by thousands of Americans every year and is widely available at funeral homes and online at

How do you feel about people wearing cremation jewelry and jewelry made from a fingerprint. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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