Angels In The Air

Scotty with his planeWhen Race pilot  Scotty Crandlemire lost a friend and fellow air race pilot in 2007, he was asked to scatter his ashes.  The scattering ceremony was out on the runway and breezy at the time. In doing so the ashes got all over him as they typically do.  As a result of that bad experience, Scotty had a dream how to fix the problem.  He created the first ever fully automated, re-chargeable, scattering urn. Its called the AngelAire release urn and it pretty dam cool!

Completely Portable

Once the cremation ashes are processed fine and filtered, you simply add the ashes and set the urn up at the desired location. Then its as simple as flicking a switch. The powered urn will gracefully propel a beautiful plume of ash in a brilliant ghostly cloud. Its quite spectacular as you can see in the video we have provided above.

Scattering The Ashes

Quite and Steady

The ashes are gracefully scattered with dignity and creates and inspires a tranquil moment in time as survivors look on in awe! As you gaze into the magnificent plume memories are invoked as the ashes slowly fade back to the earth in which they came. The fine airborne ash does not deposit in any one location, so it leaves a perfectly natural footprint.

The death care industry as we know is a staggering 17+ billion p/yr and growing at an exponential rate in cremation.  About one million people a year are now being cremated in the USA. More then half of all cremations end in scattering. Scattering ashes has always been  popular and locations of natural beauty as well as particular importance to the deceased and survivors are often selected. Using this new powered scattering urn adds an unmatched element to the already beautiful scattering ceremony.

The Angel Aire Scattering Urn is US patented with 15 claims, for both human market and pets. Funeral homes can purchase one and the rent it out to families that desire scattering. Even better families now have a good reason to hire the staff of the funeral home to facilitate the entire scattering ceremony.

Cremation Solutions is proud to offer these new amazing scattering urns. We have used them ourselves and can only say how easy and peaceful the experience was for us. The urns can be ordered online here: Cremation Solutions Release Urns or you can rent one Here.

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