A Fitting Farewell: Marines Scatter the Ashes of Their Fallen Comrade in a Daring Skydive

A group of high flying Marines recently paid tribute to their daredevil colleague in a spectacular group sky dive as they scattered the ashes of Sergeant Brett Jaffe in mid air, while in a group free fall thousands of feet above the Arizona desert. People have been getting increasingly creative with the final act of scattering ashes. Appropriately this group of brave marines choose the Phillips drop zone on the Yuma proving grounds in Yuma Arizona.

Marines Scattering Ashes

How did they do that with the American Flag

Speaking to Home Post, The Military Life, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Marty Rhett said: ‘It was an honor and privilege to take this Marine on his last jump and give him a proper hail and farewell.’

Ashes Scattered in Perfect Location

He Would Approve

Sergeant Jaffe had served in the Marines for 11 years. While stationed in Reno he met his wife Elizabeth and married in 2005. Together they traveled the world and enjoyed action adventures including jet skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling and hiking.

Sgt Jaffe, 41, was killed in a Jet Ski accident on July 15 at the Boca Reservoir in Northern California. The skydive took place just last week. Brett would have done the same for one of his buddies.

What would you do for a friend or family member that wanted to be scattered to the four winds. Here at Cremation Solutions we are hearing more and more stories of adventure on the road to final farewells. Often survivors can not choose just one special and meaningful location, so they scatter the ashes in multiple locations. Its a win win! Often a small amount of ashes are saved for other memorial options such as cremation jewelry and mementos of eternal meaning. Their really is no wrong or right way. With ash scattering even the sky is not the limit as demonstrated by these creative comrades.

Their are even professional scattering services now that can fulfill your scattering wishes. Boats, planes, balloons and space are all options. A new company called Holyland Ash Scattering can even scatter your ashes in the land where Jesus taught and performed miracles of biblical proportions. Now your ashes can rest eternal on this sacred ground.

Where and how would you want your ashes scattered. Its OK be creative, we love to hear from you at Cremation Solutions

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