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Cremation Jewelry in our Traditional Collection reflects a more religious or spiritual feel compared to our other collections of cremation jewelry. The traditional collection comes in a wide assortment of cremation jewelry styles. Here you can find cremation jewelry that suits your personal style as well as the style and taste of the person you have lost. Please note that like all of our cremation jewelry all of the traditional styles will hold ashes, flower petals or a bit of earth. Cremation Solutions strives to offer our customers a wide selection of high quality cremation jewelry backed by our satisfaction guarantee and exceptional customer service. 

*Shipping within the USA is included on all of our Cremation Jewelry*

View: Large Cross

Large Cross

View: Large Sterling Silver Round Pendant

Large Sterling Silver Round Pendant

Price: $210.00
View: Small Cross

Small Cross

View: Pewter Cross

Pewter Cross

Price: $90.00
View: Antique Cherub

Antique Cherub

View: Ichthus Fish

Ichthus Fish

View: Slide Tear Drop

Slide Tear Drop

View: Small Urn Style

Small Urn Style

View: Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

View: Wings of an Angel

Wings of an Angel

View: Brass Cross

Brass Cross

Price: $90.00
View: Star of David Heart

Star of David Heart

View: "Our Glass"

"Our Glass"

Price: $252.00
View: Cylinder Pendant

Cylinder Pendant

View: Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis

View: Gemini


Price: $320.00
View: Italian Horn

Italian Horn

View: Love Cross

Love Cross

View: Pewter Peace Sign

Pewter Peace Sign

Price: $90.00
View: Remembrance Ribbon

Remembrance Ribbon

View: Star Pendant

Star Pendant

View: Tear Shaped Pendants

Tear Shaped Pendants

Price: $45.00
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