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Ceramic Urns

Our line of ceramic cremation urns reflect the natural beauty of clay and porcelain. These urns have been handcrafted by skilled artisans, and will surely be cherished for generations to come. Because of the natural clay, no two ceramic urns are the same. For further personalization, most urns can be engraved or can have a brass nameplate added. The natural firing of clay and the many textures and colors of glaze make this line of ceramic cremation urns one of our most popular. With so many styles, we have something to suit your personal taste.

View: Blue Earth

Blue Earth

Price: $275.00
View: Black Oil Sun

Black Oil Sun

Price: $420.00
View: Blue Night Fall Urn

Blue Night Fall Urn

Price: $495.00
View: Fields of Grass

Fields of Grass

View: Galaxy Urn

Galaxy Urn

View: Green Leaves Urns

Green Leaves Urns

View: Ray of Sun

Ray of Sun

Price: $500.00
View: Red Berry Urns

Red Berry Urns

View: White on White Floral Urns

White on White Floral Urns

View: Spirit Chest

Spirit Chest

Price: $495.00
View: Tall Spirit Chest

Tall Spirit Chest

Price: $495.00
View: Spirit Keeper - Tall

Spirit Keeper - Tall

Price: $385.00
View: Spirit Keeper - Short

Spirit Keeper - Short

Price: $385.00
View: Majesty


Price: $275.00
View: Red Elegance

Red Elegance

Price: $275.00
View: Purple Earth

Purple Earth

Price: $275.00
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