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Remember Forever with Memorial Keepsakes

Unique Crystal Memorial Keepsakes are a way of immortalizing your loved one's memory. You can choose from the Companion Crystal, Companion Touchstone, Companion Heart, or Cast Heart Pendant memorial keepsakes.

Just as no two people are alike, no two crystals are identical. Your keepsake is created in its own crucible from your loved one's remains. Then the crucible is destroyed, insuring that your memorial is yours alone.

The essence of your loved one's life determines the color and design of the crystal. Cremation keepsakes are a chance for your loved one to present you with a final gift of healing—a chance to give you beauty from ashes.

The ashes contribute to the color of the keepsakes. The appearance will depend upon the chemical and mineral makeup of the ashes and the amount of carbon present, and how the ashes are absorbed, among other factors. Cremation Keepsake Jewelry and memorials can range from a dark green or amber to almost clear.

View: Cremation Companion Crystal

Cremation Companion Crystal

Price: $497.00
View: Crystal Companion Rainbow Catcher

Crystal Companion Rainbow Catcher

View: Cremation Crystal Companion Heart

Cremation Crystal Companion Heart

Price: $497.00
View: Cremation Crystal Companion Heart Touchstone

Cremation Crystal Companion Heart Touchstone

Price: $287.00
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